I do solemnly swear that my return to blogging is not a New Year’s Resolution, I promise, and that I will therefore actually keep up with it

So what happened, at first anyway, was that I got bored. I felt like I was basically writing the same thing over and over and over (i.e., “this wine smells like plums and tastes like purple and yum” or whatever) and dropped off of posting without realizing it consciously. And then it was summer. And there was a lot of gin, because it was summer, and that’s what people should drink in the summer because it’s wonderful. And we went to California and came back and I was mentally planning a lengthy post about the glories of Russian River Brewing (because seriously)(because we spent our time in wine country drinking beer)(because beer) and it was starting to come together in my head when I realized I was crazy CRAZY like really abnormally tired. So I thought about it, thought about it some more, checked a date, thought about it, psyched myself up, peed on a stick, and BOOM. PREGNANT. (Because gin, probably.) So I thought about it and determined that, all told, alcohol reviews were probably not what I needed to be writing for a while, and let the accidental hiatus continue unabated.

Fast forward a very long while. The kid is now almost eight months old HOW DID THAT HAPPEN I ASK YOU HOOOWWWWW and I’ve found something vaguely approaching normalcy. That said, I don’t drink as much as I did before baby, nor do I have the inclination to. I. Just. THERE ARE THINGS THAT NEED DONE AND THINGS I WANT TO DO and drinking a beer or glass of wine is one thing I want to do *many* days, but not, like, two things I want to do *every* day. Upshot: I don’t have quite as many possible topics as I used to because I’m just not drinking them. HOWEVER. I do generally cook like all the damned time, because food is several things that I very much DO want to do every day.

SO. I came to a decision. I’m going back to blogging, because I loffs it like pizza and missed it lots and lots. There will totally be beer and wine reviews, because those are fun when I’m in the mood and find something really good that I want to blather about. But there are going to be many, many more recipes. Mostly food, sometimes cocktails. There will probably be a redesign, and I’ve been contemplating a name change, so just be aware. I’ll keep y’all posted.

So as that all goes, just know that you’re fabulous for reading this far, and that I appreciate the hell out of you for reading this far and for somehow making sure that I’m still getting blog traffic even though it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Smooches. You are awesome.