Kim a wine sales rep who drinks beer. She lives in Lawrence, KS.
She tweets under @kimandtonic.
If you need to reach her, try kcrfunari (at) gmail (dot) com.

Kim’s theory on things people eat is that the things are divided into two categories. Category one is food: pretty much anything that can be cooked from scratch at home (whether or not it actually was, like hummus for most people). Category two is science: Pizza Rolls and that sort of ilk that is awesomesauce to eat but not necessarily anything one could make at home without a sixth-grade science kit and at least a graduate degree in food science. Her goal is to make sure most of what she eats is food. The good stuff will be blogged.

Kim has been drinking beer for slightly longer than her legal ability to do so. In her decade-plus of beer consumption, she has tried beer from five of seven continents, Pizza Beer, watermelon beer, wormwood beer, and a few that are actually tasty. She is an admitted beer geek and rather snobbier about beer than she’ll ever be about wine. She’ll tell you when she loved a beer, despised a beer, or hated something but thought it was well-made and thus still probably worth searching out.

Kim will share her tasting notes, opinions, ideas, and feelings about any wine which crosses her path and inspires the need to write about it. She has no formal training (yet sells the stuff anyway), choosing instead to pay attention during work meetings and read a lot about wine while she drinks it. Her palate-training has come through means of overanalyzing her embarassingly large perfume collection and general need to smell and taste anything within reach. Kim does not suffer wine snobs gladly, and so will allow none of that here. Wine does not need to be expensive or highly rated to be good – it just needs to be what she (or you, dear reader) is in the mood for.

In company with aging Italian males and a surprisingly large chunk of the Caribbean, Kim loves Campari, which ought to tell you something about her tastes (i.e., she likes bitter). There will be writeups of the occasional spirit as the spirit so moves her. That said, she’s not into sweet stuff: should there be a review of a Cosmo on this site, it’s been hacked. Please shoot Kim an email to let her know.


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    • Africa. I thought about it for a while, and I can’t think of a single beer from Africa that I’ve ever had. I’d love to rectify that, but I frankly don’t know where to begin.

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